Telephone Consultations/Readings

One-on-One Personal telephone consultations with the Causal Plane Entity VERONICA are currently offered for sessions of 30 minutes to four hours.  Sessions longer than two hours may require a short break before continuing.

Sessions are highly individual, specific, and personal, in contrast to the "Inner Whispers" radio show/podcast and the free "Inner Whispers" newsletter, where messages are intended for a wide international audience.

For specific information about making appointments, pricing, or general questions about telephone sessions, inquire at:

Some Notes:

a) Yes you may audio record any or all of your sessions speaking with VERONICA, as long as you agree that the sessions may not be published in any manner without the specific written permission of April Crawford

b) The sessions are conversational in nature.  Not only can you ask questions, you are highly recommended to ask questions, or at least have a good idea of the topics you wish to discuss.:  It's a big universe in this current historical time alone!

c) There will be NO FORTUNE TELLING.  Although VERONICA will discuss future probabilities and how certain choices and beliefs tend to attract "future" events, dramas, and other like events, the future is created in real time and can change with a single thought or action in any given moment.  This is NOT a "For Entertainment ONLY" opportunity.

d)  There is a very wide range of personal, family, professional, and knowledge based lines of discussion that you may pursue in your discussions with VERONICA.

e) Yes, you may have as many sessions as you wish, schedules permitting.  Some people have only a few sessions a year, whereas others have them weekly or even several times a week, every week.

f) Yes, you may have additional people on the same call without any additional charge.  While most people have one-on-one sessions, some enjoy small groups on the same call, such as couples or small groups of friends who share some common interests.  Still other groups organize where sometimes they speak with VERONICA  as a group, while at other times they have individual sessions close together any then get together on their own in-person or on-line to discuss and share their experiences.

g) Yes, the information in telephone sessions is the same as with in-person sessions, one big difference is that with in-person sessions, you get to look into VERONICA's eyes while you are speaking..... and visa versa.

f) Yes, it is true that VERONICA can "read" the energy of any person anywhere in the world, in this time period or any historical time period.  However, please note that VERONICA
will not engage in any types of tabloid level gossip types of pop culture conversations about celebrities or politicians, and will generally not get into historically known individuals who have not been "dead" for at least 70 years or so.

In-Person Sessions

with April Crawford and VERONICA

By far and away, most people have telephone sessions speaking with VERONICA.  They are geographically independent and can take place from anywhere in the world.  They are also far easier to schedule and martially less costs involved.

Having said that, there are a variety of in-person sessions available.  Because of the wide range of possible in-person sessions available, they are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Here are some of the session types with some notes about each:

a) Single person, couple, family unit, or small social group:  For such sessions, the client is responsible for providing the venue.  These are usually a suitable personal home or a hotel suite with at least two rooms.  However, VERONICA is perfectly comfortable in a "business lunch" sitting at a restaurant table or booth, a nice tavern, or even in a hotel lobby.  No one at other tables will have any idea about what is going on.  That is how fully and completely VERONICA is able to come in. [See some of the videos for reference].  There is also a minimum of either two or four hours for these types of sessions, depending upon distance from Burbank Airport.

This type of session is limited to locations within 45 minutes to an hour of Burbank Airport in California.

b)  Large Groups, Research Projects, Media Projects, Audio and or Publication Rights related Projects, Personal Appearances, Social Gatherings, Book Projects, Any Session Type That Requires Travel more than one hour from Burbank Airport:

These types of sessions are all possible, however, they require discussions usually with April Crawford's facilitator and, depending upon the nature and intent of the sessions, as in commercial or non-commercial, will incur materially greater costs than those mentioned in a) above.  Examples are first class travel and lodging, possible hair makeup and/or wardrobe personal and costs, and/or a Personal Appearance Fee, as examples.

For information about in-person sessions with April Crawford and VERONICA, inquire at: