These are pictures of Pets and Wild Animals talked about on the "Inner Whispers" Radio Show and Podcast co-hosted by April Crawford, VERONICA, Toni Sipka, and in the first 24 episodes Allen Crawford. 

Jail Break!  Up the stairs and into the house!

Tempest and Paint



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How Much Is That Peacock In The Window?

Sunday Brunch


a.k.a. "Tempest The Cat"

and Little Bit

Goldfish and Koi Enjoy Sun

Male Red Golden Phesant

Tempest and Moo

White Bunnies

Newly Hatched Peacock Chicks

Peacock Nest

Rescued Doves

Tu Tu

Peacock Chicks Explore Crystals

Yellow Golden Phesant

Young Blanco Showing Off

Snow: In His Sleek Summer Angora Coat

Wild Deer Visit

Romeo Exploring His House

Little One Before Becoming An Indoor Kitten

Wild Giant Blue Heron

Romeo Loves His Perch

Brand New Golden Phesant Chick

Little One Hanging Out With Love Birds

One Peacock Egg

Many Golden Phesant Eggs


Painted Turtles Sunning in the Koi Pond

Spending the afternoon with my mom Jeannette
Pepe on the left
Valentina on the right


Little One Where He Is NOT Supposed To Be

sulcata flipping

The Kittens!

sulcatas peeking out of

their hut